Three Cauldrons Teaching Circle

  • works exclusively with Celtic deities (particularly Irish, Welsh, Cornish and Scottish deities)
  • expects members of the group to have a strong, primary interest in Celtic polytheism
  • is a teaching circle, providing instruction in ritual skills, and opportunities to practice and improve those skills
  • practices ancestor veneration (both ancestors of blood and spirit)
  • practices ecstatic craft, which means we raise power through singing, chanting, toning, drumming, and movement
  • works with folkloric Faery Tradition practices
  • holds a number of rituals outdoors in the landscape’s power spots
  • honors spirits of place
  • engages in several forms of trancework and altered states
  • practices seership and divination in our rituals

There is absolutely no requirement of “Irish heritage,” or “Scottish ancestors.”  The group is unabashedly feminist, anti-racist, queer and trans-inclusive, and politically progressive. 

While there are currently no openings for new students in Three Cauldrons, there are other ways to get involved with our community.

If you identify as a Celtic polytheist witch/pagan, and live in the Pacific Northwest, I encourage you to join my WitchSpiral PNW group on Discord to get acquainted with our  Celtic polytheist witchcraft community.   It’s a chance for me to get to know you better in case of future openings in the training circle.

Thanks for your interest.