About Me



Welcome to CauldronFire. I’m Talasyn, a transplanted New Englander, raised in a family with a parent who practiced both Gardnerian and Traditional witchcraft.  My training in earlier years was in a trad coven in the Boston suburbs, followed by working for many years in the Reclaiming Tradition.  I attended a number of weeklong witchcamps in British Columbia, and co-founded the Strand by Strand Collective, offering classes and public rituals in Portland in the 1990s and early 2000s.  I’ve taught witchcraft, seership and dowsing, both individually, and as part of a teaching team.

I identify as a Celtic polytheist, and an ecstatic witch and seer. What does that look like? I cultivate ritual relationships with special, numinous sites close to my home in Portland.  I’m also a student of the Ogham, I build and use labyrinths in ritual, work with chant and singing in ritual, and incorporate many elements of ecstatic and visionary practice.  In the Spring and Summer of 2020 I’ll once again begin providing teaching and training opportunities to committed witches who are willing to work to deepen their practice using the powerful and visionary tools of ecstatic practice.

Too many witches underestimate what can occur in ritual because they’ve never been able to let go and “go there.” Once a witch learns how, and feels the difference, it transforms their relationship with the Otherworld, and with daily life. Helping people get there is my mission. It’s worth the work and skill-building.

Thank you for visiting.