About Me

Welcome to CauldronFire.  I’ve recently begun expanding this site to host my blog, as well as to provide good resources for others on a Celtic polytheist / witchcraft path.

I’m a witch, a dowser, a seer and an enthusiastic sacred site traveler. I work with several Irish and Welsh deities, and my practice focuses on altered states, seership, divination, and ancestor veneration. I grew up in New England, currently live in Oregon, and am a hereditary witch who works in a somewhat different tradition than my mother.

In the mid-1990s I co-founded the Strand by Strand Collective, Portland’s first public ritual group in the Reclaiming Tradition. I taught and trained in the Reclaiming Tradition for many years, including as a member of the Portland Reclaiming teaching collective. Over the years I’ve formed, joined, and organized ritual groups, covens, circles, and magical activism groups. I’ve planned, priestessed, and coordinated large public rituals.

Currently, I work with a few other witches who share my commitment and love to experiment and build their skills.  I founded a small circle, and while our group is not currently open to new members, that may change in the future.

Thanks for visiting.