New Summer Workshops!

Thanks to everyone who attended the Witches’ March for Body Sovereignty last weekend. We formed some new connections, and stepped out of our despair into a place of action!

The most common question I receive is from witches who are trying to figure out how to form or join a circle or coven. Many don’t feel knowledgeable enough to get started, but long for a group for rituals and study. I’m offering a summer, outdoor workshop to help. Please see more information on the Events page. Thanks for stopping by.


Witchy Workshops for Fall

Oregonians will join me in gratitude for the slow improvement in the wildfire situation that has ravaged our state. Never have I felt so grateful for some rain, and the return of damp, foggy weather.

I’m excited to report that I’m organizing several events this fall, and will be posting them over the next few weeks. Here’s the first in the series, taking place on Tuesday, September 29, 2020. Please visit the Events page for further details.
Wishing you all health, healing, safety, and clean, fresh air free of wildfire smoke,