WitchSpiral PNW: our online community

We have a Celtic Polytheist Discord community of people who work with Celtic deities, ritual practices, and lore, and currently reside in the Pacific Northwest. I created WitchSpiral PNW in 2019 as a friendly, social gathering place for people on this path who are seeking contacts, forming friendships, and enjoy talking about deities, gardening, ritual skills, festivals, daily practice and more. We host study groups from time to time, including a Welsh Mabinogi study group, and currently, a Scottish Deity Deep Dive.

If you’re interested in joining us, please read the description above, and be sure that you are in close accord with our cultural and spiritual focus. We look forward to meeting you. Join WitchSpiral PNW.

This Samhain, a Celtic Polytheist Death Conference

I’m excited to share a collaboration with you. Three of us are coordinating the event listed below. If you’d like to learn more, or might be interested in presenting, volunteering, or just being on the conference mailing list, please take the survey. We will keep your information private.

Death Conference Insta

I’m part of a small group that is organizing a Death Conference for Celtic polytheists to be held on Zoom in Fall, 2021. Our plan is to create an inclusive event for members of the community to learn about and share information on preparing for a good death, both practically and spiritually. Please CLICK HERE to take our survey to share your input, and to register your interest. We are building a mailing list, and are seeking to hear from people interested in attending, presenting or volunteering at this not-for-profit conference.  This conference is brought to you by Corvin (Portland, Oregon), Talasyn (Portland, Oregon), and Laurel (Kingston, Ontario).

(photo of Belas Knap Long Barrow, Gloucestershire, UK, taken by Talasyn, 2016)

Polytheist Conference: Many Gods West

I’ve been going to Pantheacon in San Jose, CA over President’s Day weekend in February off and on for many years.  Meanwhile, oh so quietly, another conference of interest has been putting down roots to the north:  Many Gods West.  It’s specifically a polytheist conference, so should be a good fit for my interests.  This will be the third year for MGW, and I think it’s time I register and check it out.


Here’s the link to the conference website.  I’ll probably stay at the conference hotel to keep the access simple.  If we cross paths at Many Gods West, please come over to say hello.