WitchSpiral PNW: our online community

We have a Celtic Polytheist Discord community of people who work with Celtic deities, ritual practices, and lore, and currently reside in the Pacific Northwest. I created WitchSpiral PNW in 2019 as a friendly, social gathering place for people on this path who are seeking contacts, forming friendships, and enjoy talking about deities, gardening, ritual skills, festivals, daily practice and more. We host study groups from time to time, including a Welsh Mabinogi study group, and currently, a Scottish Deity Deep Dive.

If you’re interested in joining us, please read the description above, and be sure that you are in close accord with our cultural and spiritual focus. We look forward to meeting you. Join WitchSpiral PNW.

WitchSpiral PNW is moving to Discord

Well, it’s time. I’m building a small, friendly, progressive online community for Pacific Northwest witches who work with Celtic deities, lore, and ritual forms. It’s a new incarnation of WitchSpiral, and if it is a fit for you, you are welcome to join. I hope you’ll consider becoming a regular. Click below to get started. See you soon.