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I'm a witch, a dowser, a seer and an enthusiastic sacred site traveler. I work with altered states, seership, divination, ancestor veneration, and several Celtic deities. I grew up in New England, currently live in Oregon, and am a hereditary witch who grew up in a different but wonderful tradition. In the mid-1990s I co-founded the Strand by Strand Collective, Portland's first public ritual group in the Reclaiming Tradition. I taught and trained in the Reclaiming Tradition for many years, including as a member of a teaching collective. Over the years I've formed, joined, and organized ritual groups, covens, circles and collectives. While I used to plan and coordinate large public rituals with my old groups, I find that I am much more interested now in gathering with a smaller group of like-minded witches who share my commitment and love to experiment and build their skills. Visit the CauldronFire website to learn more about the women's witchcraft group I'm forming.

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Beltane update: Beltane Witchery @ Mt. Tabor Park
I’m organizing this event, and it’s a great way to turn out and get a taste of CauldronFire’s ritual style. Please click for more details.

BeltaneWitchery Mt Tabor 2019 (1)

Welcome!  I am announcing the formation of a private working group for women who are serious, committed witches.

This group will:

  • work exclusively with Celtic deities (particularly Irish, Welsh, Cornish and Scottish deities)
  • practice ancestor veneration (both ancestors of blood and spirit)
  • practice ecstatic craft, which means we raise power through singing, chanting, toning, drumming, and movement
  • work with folkloric Faery Tradition practices
  • hold a number of rituals outdoors in the landscape’s power spots
  • honor spirits of place
  • engage in several forms of trancework and altered states
  • practice seership and divination

Women witches who feel called to work with Celtic deities and Faery Tradition are welcome to inquire.  There is absolutely no requirement of “Irish heritage,” or “Scottish ancestors.”  The group will be unabashedly feminist, anti-racist, queer and trans-inclusive, and politically progressive.

Over the coming weeks and months, I’ll be meeting applicants and working on establishing a core of participants.  You may need more information to determine your level of interest.  I would like to meet you, too.  Please consider joining the WitchSpiral Meetup group, and attend some meetups so we can talk with one another.


Summer at Mt. Tabor.

What to expect if you contact me:  I will reply to your inquiry, and after some correspondence, I might send you a link to an application / questionnaire.  This gives me so much more information about your background, interests, skills, and experience.  For anyone who has started a circle, you know it takes time and careful planning.  I think it is worth spending the time to do it right, and if you’re thinking of investing time in joining a group, I hope that you feel the same.  I will treat every serious inquiry with discretion, privacy and respect.

Thank you for your interest.  Please click the “Contact” link to get in touch.