Vigilance and Activism



It is a few weeks since the Presidential election in the US, and I have determined not to recede into silence.  While many in the mainstream media are saying, “give Trump time to make his political appointments,” and “wait and see,” I have seen plenty.  The country is weeks away from passing into the hands of a narcissistic, ill-prepared, surly-tempered demagogue, and we are in serious trouble.  So many of us are equating this election result with the rise of Hitler in Weimar Germany in the early 1930s.  Our eyes are open, and we have the benefit of historical awareness, so we cannot be silent.

I’ve been thinking about the role of ritualists and magic workers in acting out, speaking up, and choosing to focus our will decisively.  Let’s stand together for social justice and political sanity in the face of hateful and destructive rhetoric and actions.  Street protests, calls to legislators, and keeping up pressure on the parts of government we can reach all have an important role.  But we are ritualists–witches, seers, magicians and druids, to name but a few.  Now is the time to draw on those skills to make social change and work the channels that we know how to work.

May the power of Brigid’s forge inspire us to action,


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